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Eating and Drinking in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Ireland Restaurants Guides

Cuisine throughout Ireland can be loosely categorised as simple traditional dishes, with more contemporary cuisine aimed at the country's thriving tourist market, served in large cities and towns.

Traditional cuisine in Ireland often includes potato-based meals, together with cabbage, onion, other fresh vegetables and bacon. Of course, Ireland is perhaps most famous for its stew, with many pubs regularly featuring classic Irish stew on their menus, which is made with lamb or mutton and is a particularly filling meal.

The cosmopolitan city of Dublin is overflowing with restaurants, many of which are clustered in the city centre and around the scenic River Liffey, which divides the city into two main regions. Many hotels in Dublin also feature excellent restaurants, often being open to members of the public.

Belfast, the second biggest city in the whole of Ireland, also offers plenty of fine dining, together with pubs, cafés and bars. Restaurants in Belfast offer the best choice of dining in Northern Ireland, with a superb selection of eateries on offer, together with a range of fast-food restaurants, sandwich shops and bakeries.

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Eating and Dining in Ireland - Restaurants Guide

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